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I am a registered nurse with 10+ years of experience and a certified SHAPE ReClaimed practitioner. Although, my background is in conventional medicine, I’ve had a passion for holistic and restorative medicine. It was not until I encountered my own health issues and was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune conditions that my true passion for holistic health, natural remedies, and restorative medicine was ignited. I started to search for a natural way to manage and heal my conditions. During my search,  I found SHAPE ReClaimed. With SHAPE I was able shed toxic weightSHAPE changed my life. I look forward to helping others with their health journey! I can finally say I am living a life on purpose with purpose. 

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SHAPE ReClaimed™ is a safe, effective nanomolecular dietary supplement created to decrease total body inflammation, enhance immune function, detox and cleanse–all while reducing excess weight. SHAPE ReClaimed is developed out of decades of clinical experience and is the foundation of our program. What we’ve discovered is that the synergistic combination of ingredients in SHAPE ReClaimed™, along with our total wellness program, is having astounding transformative health benefits. The result, in addition to weight loss, is a reenergized, revitalized you! It must be emphasized that SHAPE ReClaimed is practitioner-supervised and one part of an overall successful wellness approach and philosophy. It is not a magic bullet, but when incorporated into the program’s protocol along with sound lifestyle choices, the results are truly life-changing.

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